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Coming to us by way of Venezuela is El Budare Grill.  A food truck out of Roanoke, El Budare is run by brothers Jonathan and Pablo Tarifa.   This is not your average Latin American truck, they specialize in Arepas.  But, what is an Arepa?   It is like pita only thicker, almost fluffy. It’s made of ground corn maize, and typically grilled on a skillet.  Fillings can be piled on top or even in between.   Apparently, in Venezuelan culture, what was inside your arepas signaled your social standing.  At El Budare, you can get a lot put in your arepa, steak, chicken, chorizo, spinach, cheese, the possibilities are endless.

El Budare Grill will be competing at the 3rd annual Virginia Food Truck Battle.  Join us at the battle and show us what’s in your Arepa!

Check in with El Budare Grill on their Facebook page and see photos of their delicious dishes and find out where they’ll be.